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describe the structure of bean seed. Draw and label its diagram - 5th grade

Describe the structure of bean seed. Draw and label its diagram - 5th grade

Ans: Structure of French bean seed

French bean seed is kidney shaped. French bean seeds are the major source of proteins. Typically, a French bean seed consists of following parts.

  1. Seed Coat
  2. Testa
  3. Tegmen
  4. Cotyledons
  5. Embryo
  6. Hilum
  7. Micropyle
  8. Epicotyle
  9. Hypocotyl

1:- Seed Coat

The outer covering of a seed is known as a seed coat. In most seeds the seed coat consists of two layers such as,

2:- Testa

Outermost layer of the seed coat is the hard and thick. This is known as testa. It has different colours like white, yellow and grey black etc. depending on the type of bean.

3:- Tegmen 

The inner thin layer of seed coat is known as tegmen

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4:- Cotyledons

Bean plant is a dicotyledonous plant as it contains two cotyledons. Cotyledons are thick and feshy embryonic leaves. They store food and supply it to the developing embryo.

5:- Embryo

Embryo is a tiny plant present inside the two cotyledons. Embryo consists of two parts.

  • The plumule which forms the new shoot.
  • The radicle which forms the new root.

6:- Hilum

Hilum is the site from where the seeds originally attached to the fruit.

7:- Micropyle

There is a tiny pore called microplye within the surface of testa. Water enters through it and starts the germination process.

8:- Epicotyl

The epictyl is the area above the cotyledons and below plumule. It grows and becomes the stem of the plant.

9:- Hypocotyl

Diafram:- French been Seed

Diafram:- French been Seed

Hypocotyl is the area between the cotyledons and the radicle. It grows and becomes the root.

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